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Today I am 15 weeks pregnant baby three days and we don’t know the gender I don’t technically have a doctor. I did get to have a recent ultrasound to see the baby and that was amazing. The baby looks great and looks right on track for growth.

When I was 15 weeks pregnant  I have just been so nervous about sitting down. To do a pregnancy update which is weird because I’ve always wanted to do them but the whole thing is just intimidating for me.

I started off the pregnancy with so much fear because I’ve got some bad news so it’s like well what’s the point we don’t know what’s gonna happen. I don’t remember where I left off yeah I don’t know why this whole process is intimidating to me but I just decided today you know what Vanessa it’s time don’t have to be so fearful and either way I’m excited to track this 15 weeks pregnant so a lot that I’m gonna do so.

Knowing of 15 weeks pregnant 

I will be having a c-section so we were able to like narrow down some dates which are nice because I live far from my family and that helps them with buying tickets and all of that so that was really exciting and just to see the baby healthy after not seeing the baby for so long was really reassuring for me.

My husband just got hired for a job a few weeks ago. So we’re waiting for his insurance to kick in he starts in a week.  I went to a doctor in the area I did not like the office at all they didn’t allow children.

Signs of 15 weeks pregnant 

  1. Tiredness
  2. Headache
  3. Eat a meal in three-four steps
  4. Walk daily
  5. Indigestion
  6. Heart Burn
  7. Weight Gain
  8. Round Ligament pain
  9. Frequent Urination
  10. Insomnia
  11. Swollen gums
  12. Dizziness
  13. Excessive salivation
  14. Varicose veins
  15. Shortness of Breath

A baby inside of me which is amazing and that’s really what I’ve been trying to focus on these past few weeks. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I found out I was 15 weeks pregnant before I missed my period I just had this feeling.

I was feeling a little nauseous which was out of the ordinary for me and we were trying for six months. I thought I’d take a test so I really wasn’t expecting much but we took the test it was positive the darkest lines. I was convinced I was having twins because they were so dark but anyway it was a beautiful time. I was 15 weeks pregnant with my belly growing faster.

A few weeks after that I went to the doctor and the doctor found a hemorrhage next to the baby and was like oh well some parts aren’t really connected all the way so no working out and just take it easy that’s never happened to me before so it was really scary.

I had so much fear every time. I wiped I thought I was gonna find blood or just like I just stopped the worst and thankfully ten weeks later everything is fine. I haven’t had any symptoms of anything bad happening. So we are good after about the six-week mark I felt so nauseous.

I at 15 weeks pregnant bellies weren’t eating anything. I had so many food aversions but I never threw up. So I seriously guys for weeks and months had french fries chips salsa. Sometimes guacamole but didn’t eat anything hearty for months because everything really grossed me out.

The smell I didn’t cook for my husband. I didn’t let anyone cook around me because it was just horrible. It was so bad I had never felt that way in pregnancy which also made me feel like I was having twins but I’m not there’s just one cute little baby inside of me.

I was fine. I was able to eat more on our trip and I really felt so much better since now fast-forwarding at 15 weeks pregnant bellies. I wanted to share some symptoms of how I’m feeling today and for the most part, I feel really great.

Symptoms of 15 weeks pregnant 


 I have been so fatigued I think it’s also because I’m not sleeping very well.

2.Feels uncomfortable to sleep:

 I’m finally not able to sleep on my stomach which I usually do so sleeping on your side can be really uncomfortable for me while sleeping.

3. Headaches:

I’ve been getting headaches recently and I’ve been watching other updates since maybe it’s a 15 weeks pregnant thing because I’ve been seeing other moms having headaches so that makes sense.

I thought it was like because I’m tired or because I’m not having as much caffeine as I used to but I think it must just be because I’m tired which makes or it must just be a pregnancy thing which makes so much sense to me. 

4. Weight Gain:

With the doctor’s equipment, 15 weeks pregnant they have weighed the weight that I had last week and it looks like I’ve gained 6 to 7 pounds so I think  I gained 35 pounds.

The first pregnancy I gained I think 30 pounds the next pregnancy and this one so far 6 to 7 pounds so I’m hoping to keep putting on the lower side because I already show so big it’s just genetics.

My 15 weeks pregnant always pop out so yeah I’m hoping it doesn’t get much more than that too quickly. I also can’t exercise which is really sad for me because I love working out it’s like therapy for me. I have been telling my husband that I need to be taking more walks so I took a walk last night.


My goal is to take a walk every single day and taking walks shouldn’t be too bad on the body if I take it too slow so yeah six or seven pounds I feel like I look like I’ve gained more when you see my belly area.

Baby Growth :

The size of the baby at 15 weeks pregnant will be an orange which is so cute and the baby is yawning and blinking. The little ears have grown in on the ultrasound. I was able to see the arms and legs and the baby’s looking pretty big.

I can feel like towards the top right there that it’s really hard so I know the baby is preparing and this 15 weeks pregnant which is very similar to my son’s pregnancy I have to have something with lemon and salt and chili powder every single day.

7.Know the Gender:

Today it’s just my craving for salty stuff is my highest craving. I felt with my husband so I don’t know maybe I’m having a boy. I don’t even know when we’re going to find out the gender because of the whole doctor situation but yes lemon is my top craving.

I think that’s pretty much it those are all my feelings. Another thing that’s different about 15 weeks pregnant is that I am vegan and I wasn’t the other pregnancies.

 I actually have gone vegetarian a few times because of traveling and all that and craving. I have been craving cheese which I never craved before but I have not been super strict with myself we are 97% vegan and sometimes I will go vegetarian because I just crave it and I am not about to stop my cravings I don’t think I will ever eat meat again.



15 Weeks Pregnant Precautions:

1.   Keep hydrated. Drink a lot of water throughout the day.

2.   Keep yourself active.

3.   Walk daily for few minutes.

4.    Avoid the consumption of coffee and alcohol.

5.    A routine checkup of a Doctor is compulsory.

6.    Eat a balanced diet to stay healthy for baby development.

7.   Avoid lying down immediately after having meals.

8.   Sleep properly and try to sleep on your right side.

9.   Avoid wearing heels and switch to slippers.

10. Consume vitamin supplements (folic acid, amino acid, omega fish oil, B6) daily.

11. Don’t do heavy work (i.e pick water bucket should be avoided)

12. Don’t consume fruits from which you will feel pain.

13. Daily consume 1400 calories at this time.


I have been feeling the baby move I think because it’s my third time I can kind of sense what’s going on. I am feeling the baby move more and more every single day. It makes me so happy because it’s just my little reassurance that this baby is doing great.

 This belly is Jai got rice fix to excuse my shirt. I literally just threw anything on my clothes are in moving trucks. I’m hoping to get more of my maternity clothes soon but here looks like to side at 15 weeks pregnant like that’s so giant look at this big belly.


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