beauty tips for women

                      beauty tips for women

If your skin is rigid then you use the cream-rich foundation, but also add some drops of water to it, then put it on the face. Keep your skin in mind and choose the foundation.

If your color is clear, then try not to use the foundation at all. Use facial scrounging AC sunscreen, where the amount of moisturizing is high. 

If you want to install the foundation, then add one or two drops of water in it and apply it by giving it a light color with water.

beauty tips for women

After this add mascara. Put a coat in the first two coats, first put a coat, then make the eyelids black, then after drying put that male the second coat. If you put a coat on a coat, then you put it heavy.

Now add a compact matched in the color of your skin, use only powder or compact powder. If there is oily then do not add more powder to the oily place.

Apply compact always on the neck and neck along with the face. So that the color of them started matching with the face.

After applying powder, gently sponge the wet sponge on the face so that the powder can last longer and your make-up is safe.

When you do not like your face, the dry and dead skin. So scrubbing is a perfect look.

Just mix baking soda and water in equal quantities and stir it well.

After mixing, apply it on your face and rub it in your skin gently for up to 3 to 4 minutes and then wash it with clean water.

If your skin is fair and wants to get a fair skin tone, we use "Foundation" as the base layer of makeup. But when done poorly, it looks too cakey and uneven.

 So it is essential that you apply it so that it appears invisible. Do not do the mistake of blending the foundation down the neck. This will make you look like a clown.

Most of us think that Blush is a powdered makeup which adds color to makeup cheeks, but it does more than this. 

It shadows and contours the cheekbones. If badly applied, blush gives some sort of an 80s look and that too not in a good way.

To get super-sharp liners, you have to freeze them in a refrigerator. Place your liners in the refrigerator in the morning if you are planning to go to a wedding party Sharp the liners before applying the makeup and you get the best results ever.

Lip shade in bright colors like pink and orange draw more attention to your lips and looks tacky.

 A shiny gloss gives a bold effect so you can use them for dim-light occasions like holidays and night parties.

 While applying lipstick, you should choose a bit darker shade than the natural color of your lips, this gives a realistic effect to your lips.

Everyone likes waterproof mascara, I too love it. But I too So I always apply the first coat with regular mascara, then the above.

 Using this way, the waterproof mascara locks on the other mascara instead of eyelashes and it is easy to remove.


beauty tips for women

Everybody has their own natural face shadow. For the show, you should brighten the natural shadow.

 It is very easy, stand in front of a mirror and smile - you will see the dark areas under your lip or at the corners of your eyes. 

To cover these areas, just take an eye shadow with a white shade and blend it in your fingers.

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