Hair loss diet

                                                      Hair loss diet

Hair loss is a common problem. To deal with this, add these items to your daily diet and prevent hair loss.

Hair loss diet
Hair loss diet


If you are worried about hair fall, start eating the walnuts daily. A lot of oil is found in the nut, which strengthens the hair from the inside, which reduces hair loss automatically.


Parents make hair healthy as well as health. Hair loss due to eating spinach is less because iron deficiency is one of the reasons for hair fall and iron is found in abundance in spinach, making the hair strong.


The digestive curd is also beneficial for hair. Vitamin B5 and vitamin D are found in curd, which lacks hair. By eating curd, vitamin B5 and vitamin D are supplied and hair loss is stopped.

Sweet potato:

In sweet potato, the amount of vitamin A is rich, which strengthens the hair and decreases the hair fall. Shakarakand also protects natural oils of scalps, which do not weaken the hair.


Vitamin A's source carrot enhances the eyesight, and it also strengthens the hair with healthy and root. For Vitamin A Scalp found in carrots
Is beneficial.

Hair loss diet
Hair loss diet


The consumption of raisins reduces the fall of the hair, as the raisins like spinach are also rich in iron and several minerals. By consuming it, blood flow not only increases but also increases the hair faster.


There is no age for drinking milk. Take two glass skimmed milk in the day.


Many sages live only on fruits and their hair is too long. Eat fruits of at least two or three ways like mango, banana, pomegranate etc. in the day.


Eat 5 almonds of water each night, do not take off their peel. It strengthens the hair.


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