How to shape eyebrows

                       How to shape eyebrows

How to shape eyebrows can truly do wonders on a person's face. It has the ability to bring out a person’s loveliness simply by keeping them properly groomed. Well defined how to shape eyebrows always look beautiful both on and off camera even in the magazines because of the outline it gives. 

How to shape eyebrows

                            How to shape eyebrows

You will never see a picture in high fashion magazines wherein the models have unruly brows. Their eyebrows are usually enhanced by applying eyebrow powders or pencils. You can simply get out of your house with your perfectly how to shape eyebrows and a lip gloss and still look put together.
If you have not touched your brows, visiting a professional eyebrow groomer is your best bet. They are usually trained to find the natural arch of your brows and define it using tweezers and other tools. You can maintain the shape of your eyebrows by using your trusty tweezers in between your appointment. But, if you are a bit short on cash and wish to save more money or you are scared of having someone “touch” your eyebrows. You can follow this complete guide on how to get the perfect shape of your eyebrows without spending time.


                  How to apply eye makeup

Applying eye makeup is great because it has the power to bring out the beauty of your eyes and makes it extra irresistible to men. If properly applied, you can go from several looks from day to night and match any outfit in your closet. Here is a complete guide on how to perfectly apply your eye makeup.

1.    Figure out your eye shape

This is imperative when it comes to picking the right eye makeup as one look can totally look drastic on the other. Ladies with hooded eyelids should use a light shadow on their eyelids and a darker eyeshadow on the center of the eyelid to the outer corner of their eyes. Veer away from dark shadows as it can make your eyes look even smaller. Curling and applying mascara helps open up the eyes and makes it “pop”. Women with prominent eyelids should stay away from shimmery eye makeup as it can further emphasize their prominent eyelids. Stick to medium to dark colors. Lastly, deep-set eyelids can get away with any makeup looks. Just be sure to take things in moderation or you may end up looking like a drag queen. Always remember that less is more.

2.    Prep your eyes

If you want to make your makeup lasts longer, applying eye primer is recommended. This will help your eyeshadow to have something to cling in to and prevent any smudges throughout the day. There are affordable yet quality eye primers that you can choose from. Some may even have light-reflecting pigments in them for an added glow into the eyes.

3.    Choose 3 base colors

You should use 3 eyeshadow colors that belong to the same shade family. Your base is the lightest of the three shades. This serves as the foundation color and should be applied all over your eyelid. The next is the medium color which is applied in your crease. The last one should be the darkest and it is used to define and deepen the color of your eyelids. Damping your eyeshadow brush with a bit of water can intensify the color and makes it last longer. This is great if you wish to create a smokey eye look.  The three should balance each other and not clash to prevent harshness and keep your makeup looking natural. Use a blending brush to blend the three colors and to prevent streaks or any visible lines. If you are quite unsure about the look of your makeup, you can ask your family member or a friend who is with you for an honest opinion. This will help you correct any mistakes as early as possible before heading outside.

4.    Highlight

Apply a light golden powder on your brow bone to brighten up your eyes. You can also apply the same color on the inner rims of your eyes if you wish to look more awake and brighten up your eye area.

5.    Apply eyeliner

Apply eyeliner on your top and lower lid to further define your eyes. Eyelid pencils are appropriate if you want a more natural look. Make sure to smudge it well using the tip of a cotton bud to soften the lines. Liquid liners are usually used if you want to add more drama and intensity.

6.    Finish off with mascara

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler hold it for a couple of seconds to make the curl last longer. Seal the deal with two coats of mascara and you are good to go! The number one tip about applying mascara is to keep it close to the lash line as much as possible to make it look fuller and define your eyelashes more.

             How to prepare eyebrows

Prepare your eyebrows by placing a warm damp washcloth onto your brows for approximately 5-10 minutes. You can also soften it by after having a warm shower, as the steam will open up your pores and makes the process less painful and easier to perform.

Find a place where there is a natural source of lighting such as in front of your window. This will enable you to see things clearly thus, avoiding any mistakes while plucking your eyebrows. It is recommended to avoid using handheld mirrors and use a mirror that has its own stand so you can fully concentrate on your brows. Avoid plucking your brows in a room where there is poor lighting as accidents can happen and once the damage is done, there is nothing you can really do about it.

Tame your brows using clear mascara. Brush your eyebrows in an outward and upward direction to smoothen out stray hairs and keep them in place.

Grab an eyebrow brush and place it vertically onto the right side of your nose. The tip of the eyebrow brush has to run past slightly onto your brows as this will show where your eyebrows should start on the inside corners of your eyes. Pluck the stray hairs that fall past the brush and place it on the opposite side and repeat the same procedure. You should focus on the outside corners of the brows by putting the brush on the tip of your nose and lining it up at an angle that is outside the corner of the eye. Pluck stray hairs that fall past your brush on the outside corners and make sure that you are doing it past the brush unless you want to have over-plucked eyebrows which are a big beauty blunder. Your natural arch should naturally hit just above your pupils when you are looking forward.

Further, define your brows by using an eyebrow pencil or powder. Use a light feathery stroke to prevent it from looking harsh.

  Various techniques to shape eyebrows

Thread Holding Technique

For threading, hold the knot of thread in one hand and holding the other part of the thread on the other hand. You should have a method of threading through the right technology.

Opening and closing hands

Open and close your hands properly during threading. When one hand is open then the other hand should be closed. The hair will come out from your eyebrows when the thread will be rotated in between. Once extra hair is removed with the help of threading, then the other separate hair can be cut with the help of a scissor.

 Position of fingers

You have to make your fingers point to your eyes so that it can hold your eyes every time. Sort each eyebrow one by one which is unhealthy and needs to be removed.
 Position of fingers
 Position of fingers

You will need to make a tricolor shape from the thread so that it can be successful only to remove unwanted hair from your eyes. At such times it is very important to take care of the direction of eyebrows removal. The correct method of threading is always to pull the hair in the opposite direction.


If you have not practiced it correctly, you will not be able to continue the threading process continuously. For this reason, it is very necessary to practice correctly for threading so that you are fully skilled in this art.

Eye-catching extensions

You must have seen beauty experts in parlors who are quite experienced and fully capable of shaping any kind of eyebrows. But you can get beautiful brushes easily by sitting at home only. For this, divide the eyebrows into three parts - the inner part, the arch, and the end. If you do threading your eyebrows from one corner, slowly going to the other side, your threading will be quite attractive.

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