good vitamins-supplements hair loss

                        good vitamins-supplements hair loss  

Do you worry about hair loss? Hair Loss is a common problem. Today I will share my secrets and will tell you how I improve my hair loss and how I diagnose my hair loss problem. Let's talk at both causes and cures.


1.Lack of vitamins.
2.Hormonal imbalance.
5.Using hot water for the bath.
6. The use of Shampoo on the hair weakens its root.
7. Not taking a healthy diet. 
8. Not taking proper hair care.

There can be many causes from hormonal imbalance due to an underactive thyroid, for instance, drug pharmaceuticals and poor diet, especially too few B complex vitamins. 

good vitamins-supplements hair loss

Vitamin C zinc sulfur and iron but if you find you're losing hair at a rapid rate please don't panic you know it's normal to lose fifty to a hundred hairs believe it or not each day there's a strong link between anxiety and hair loss

 I suggest you ask yourself the following questions first are you taking any medication such as the birth control pill or artificially based hormone replacement therapy these are common causes of thinning hair which can be corrected by stopping the drugs and turning to bioidentical hormone replacement under the gardens of a knowledgeable health practitioner.

Anticoagulants cortisone and diet pills like amphetamines, for instance, are also enough Image hair health so, by the way, is boric acid which stupidly gets added to shampoos skincare products.

 Orients for cuts and burns even eye baths so read labels carefully before you buy thyroid meditation can be a culprit shift to natural thyroid treatments instead so can simple aspirin if you take as many as one or two a day.

How to stop hair loss

Let me share with you what I've learned over the years about how to stop hair loss have you been each as had major illnesses or traumas in your life recently shock illness an emotional worry can bring about heavy shedding of telogen hairs this is called telogen effluvium.

Health can be had from vitamin supplements more about that at the moment in the meantime eating organic liver can help tremendously even getting enough physical activity to help you deal with stressors in your life can help sometimes dramatically is your sculpt tight.

 When you put your fingers into it start giving yourself a daily scalp massage and start brushing the old-fashioned way 50 strokes each day. I do it myself and it works.

Are you anemic women who suffer from anemia far more often than men do frequently find their hair has thinned greatly so if this is the case have a serum iron test and a total iron-binding capacity test done to find out what else.

 okay it's your hair breaking off near the roots from over-processing Sun bleaching or too much heat on it this is easy to detect if you sit in front of a mirror with the light coming from behind you'll be able to see a myriad of tiny hairs standing up out of this scalp no longer than half to three-quarters of an inch.

If you examine them carefully you'll find that even these short hairs have been damaged with split ends if this is the case then consider cutting your hair shorter until the damaged hair has grown out and healthy hair shafts replace it okay what else well have you recently been pregnant women often lose hair during pregnancy it can be the result of hormonal changes.

Some kind of subclinical vitamin or mineral deficiency often zinc as it's very low in most women just after childbirth now happily this condition usually disappears a few weeks after a baby is born provided. 

Your diet is adequate and you are generally will no do you wear your hair pulled back or have you been putting rollers in too tightly another common cause of hair loss is simple traction caused by a tightly wrapped rubber band around a ponytail.

Curlers that are too tight the pull on the hair interferes with proper circulation and it can result in damage to the hair actually to the hair follicles themselves which shed their hairs if this is the case you need to change your hairstyle stop rolling curlers tightly and give yourself daily massage or treatment if you like with an electric vibrator.

If you're using a nylon bristle brush rollers with brushes in them or a very fine-toothed comb you should replace them as these two can exacerbate hair loss ok most important of all I feel like this is such a long thing to cover base really important look to your diet.

Best foods to eat to grow your hair:

3.Sunflower seeds.
4.Green peas.
6.Organic liver.
7.Brown rice.
10.Brewers yeast.
11.Organic walnuts.

Eat plenty of foods high in biotin and take biotin supplements biotin is essential for healthy hair and skin and to help prevent hair loss good sources of biotin include things like brewers yeast and brown rice, bulgur, wheat, green peas, lentils, oats, sunflower seeds, and even raw organic walnuts.

Don't eat raw eggs until hair loss is stopped you see raw eggs contain a protein that binds biotin and prevents it from being absorbed cooked free-range eggs are fine.

Try rinsing your hair with kombucha tea it's far more effective than all the fancy products sold in salons for hair growth and regeneration it might even help prevent hair grain you might also use apple cider vinegar and sage tea as a rinse to encourage hair growth horst.

 LT is the best source of silica which all of us need for strong shiny hair and healthy nails.

The best hair growth supplements that I've ever come across first good quality omega-3 oils improve hair texture and help prevent hair loss and damage next row thymus gland Euler say 500 milligrams a day and it stimulates immune function and improves the functioning capacity of hair glands.

Wonderful B complex vitamins and you need tall entire of them and they need to be really good quality these are necessary for the health and growth of hair then, of course, there's vitamin C 3000 believe it or not to 10,000 milligrams a day can greatly improve scalp circulation.

Vitamin E you can start with say 400 IU's and slowly increase to a hundred to a thousand and this increases oxygen uptake which improves the circulation to your scalp then there's coenzyme q10 which improves scalp circulation and increases tissue oxygenation at the same time another one that I love is kelp 500 milligrams a day which supplies minerals for healthy hair growth and finally silica or horsetail helps keep your hair looking shiny and sleek.  

Vitamins and Supplements for Growing your Hair

Vitamins and supplements for growing your hair long I find that these supplements and vitamins really do boost your hair growth.  

hair loss

1. Vitamin E is very essential for hair growth because it is ideal to use if you want healthy scalp and healthy hair it also has natural antioxidants that could assist with maintaining hair growth and it's antioxidant properties could also aid to reduce the amount oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the hair follicle cells in a person's scalp to breakdown vitamin E also helps prevent hair loss and also vitamin E helps replenish shine that the hair loss as a result of damage. 

2. Vitamin b-complex so here are its benefits the vitamin b-complex is great for keeping your hair strong prevent hair loss and excessive hair fall and it boosts hair growth also when you take in vitamin B make sure that you are drinking a lot of water because vitamin B is water-soluble so it would really help right 

3. Zinc prevents hair thinning and hair loss zinc also helps in regulating your hormone levels and also it prevents hair loss furthermore zinc plays an important role in our and a and DNA production and this leads to a better and improved hair growth it also helps eradicate the presence of dandruff on your scalp.

 4. Iron deficiency can cause hair loss because when you don't have enough iron your body cannot produce the hemoglobin in your blood so hemoglobin carries oxygen for the growth and repair of your cells in your body including the cells that stimulate hair growth also iron carries oxygen to the roots for all-over hair growth and the wellness of your hair and iron for me is probably one of the vitamins that I cannot miss out every single month and I only drink iron for seven days in high dosage in months and through me that it's just a thing that I find works best for my body so definitely consult your doctor with it before you take it iron supplements. 

5. Biotin is probably one of the most famous or popular vitamins for hair growth biotin helps hair production Viton is also great for thickening the hair it prevents hair loss it improves hair growth and it helps with inflammation and not only does it promote hair growth but also it makes your nails grow long fast and also it makes it stronger as well. 

6. Maca powder maca is high in amino acids and B vitamins it increased hair growth it thickens and conditions your hair it also promotes hair growth and it balances your hormones which can help women experiencing female hair loss regrow hair if your hormones are out of whack you could experience hair loss from that so maca powder is great for preventing hair loss and at the same time it helps your hair grow so that is it I really do like maca powder I like incorporating maca in my smoothie or my drinks and actually I have been thinking to include maca powder on some of the foods that I'm eating as well or either include that in the soup.

7. Collagen supplements support and increase hair building proteins in the body it promotes hair growth and once again it prevents hair loss and it is suspected in treating dry brittle hair and also collagen helps to maintain healthy moisture levels in the hair it also strengthens the hair follicles and improves hair growth it increases blood circulation in your body so increasing the blood flow to your scalp is directly beneficial in promoting hair and scalp health I told you all that before I used to take in the tablet form but now I have it I feed on me just so that it will go directly through my bloodstream but however if you don't want it ivied on you you can always take the supplements I think that is very much accessible for everybody there are a ton of collagen brands and probably the ones that I find most effective are the marine collagen so you all can go ahead and pick whatever it is that works for you but for me, I find that the marine collagen works best for me.


 So let me see you guys those are vitamins and supplements for hair growth but if you all aren't interested in checking out the vitamins and supplements that I mentioned to where you guys can find them and I know that everybody believes in vitamins and supplements and you know to some people they say that if you just eat healthy no need for there's no need for supplements and I partly I do believe that but however  I'm not eating all of the essential vitamins and nutrients every single day I'm pretty sure that I'm not getting a huge amount of like biotin on my food or a huge amount of vitamin E on my food especially vitamin b12 or iron so that's why I do supplements for me I have just observed that ever since that I've incorporated my healthy eating with vitamins and supplements I noticed that my hair grew long fast so that's why I do supplements.  
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