Depression-tension relief tips

                                Depression-tension relief tips

                Some of you people may have experienced something like these at some point in time. Challenges are there in every mode of life. A comment about parents who raise children physically and mentally challenged. The laborer who earns only a hundred rupees in earnings despite working throughout the day. If you look around you will find that life is an increasing challenge. 

We all deal with these challenges in our own way. Some people are successful by doing this, so some people give up because of the pressure. A completely free of tension is mere imagination, yet it is necessary for a less effective life to be less. According to psychologists, the main reason behind many diseases such as anxiety, hysteria, panic, depression, etc. is due to mental stress.

                           Mahesh has a job interview and he is feeling quite nervous outside the interview room and then gets involved in the interview due to this nervousness.
       Rahul is studying for his exams which is going to happen tomorrow morning. He studied up to three o’clock in the night and when he was not able to concentrate, he started trying to sleep. Because he was in a lot of tension, he keeps changing the karate on the bed. There are such ideas in his mind that he will get good marks. If the teacher goes for the exam then opens the question paper, then his heartbeats loudly and he feels that his mind is empty.

Depression-tension relief tips
Depression-tension relief tips

 Effective techniques, to reduce stress, depression, and tension :

Exercise – 

Regular yoga and exercise can reduce fat in heart disease, blood pressure, blood. swimming, jogging, cycling, jumping rope, etc. Help in reducing stress. Every person must do any of these exercises for at least four days and thirty minutes in the week.

Time management – 

How you spend your time determines the quality of your life. By learning to manage time management, human tension is free. The main rule of time management is that the things you give importance to are settled at the right time. Avoid the habit of avoiding work. Take as much work as you can, as easily as you can.

Relaxation technique – 

This is the skill through which you can reduce the effects of stress and many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease. Deep breathing i.e. deep breaths to relax the mind and relax the body. Whenever tension is felt, then deep deep breaths. This will reduce your tension and depression.

Do not keep in mind-

 If you are stressed or stressed, do not put it in your mind. According to the great psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, suppressing the sufferers in the mind may lead to many dangerous mental illnesses in the future, tell your tension to any close friend or mother, father, brother, sister or spouse. More than half of your stress and tension are removed from this discussion.

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Depression-tension relief tips 

Keep your anger in control-

Do you get angry at the point of talk? Tangle on small things? One reason for stress and tension is more anger. If you get annoyed on small things or once you get angry, then do not you control yourself? If you can not control your anger then you can try these methods.

If there is too much anger then our mind does not understand. If this is the first thing to do, shut down the mind or stop thinking about everything. Do not pay any attention to others in anger. Your mind will slowly calm down.
Before annoying on anything, think about what was the issue, whose fault was. This will benefit you that you will know that the mistake was not yours.
Leave the tendency to retaliate.

Spend some time alone; The main cause of stress and tension is the unrest of the mind. Let me tell you some time alone. May also lie down in peace alone, can also walk and even listen to songs. But if there are more tension and stress then staying alone in the lonely can be dangerous.


The quantity of potassium in milk, oranges, and mevo is high, which enhances our brain’s immune system and gives us the strength to fight tension and stress. Potato (potato), grains, rice, fruits are vitamins ‘B’, which help in relieving tension. Gutka, tea, is dangerous for mental health.

And remember one thing at the end; Always be optimistic and positive Have a strong intention in your goals. If you accept the stress as a challenge, then you will never lose courage and always stand at the foot of success.

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