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Fashion bunker stylish men never forget that it’s the confidence that enables them to rock any look. A guy can be wearing a suit, he can be wearing casual clothing, but if he doesn’t feel good wearing it, he’s wearing a costume.

So, make sure that you practice wearing your clothing because it’s the confidence that’s going to carry the day. Whenever you’re dressed to impress, make sure that you feel good in that clothing.

Stylish men are never afraid to give compliments. We’re not stingy with this. We know how much work goes into dressing sharp. Fashion bunker, when seeing an attractive woman are able to pinpoint, wow, she really put herself together.

We can be specific when we give a compliment. When we see a guy that actually is taking the time to be the best-dressed man in the room, maybe even outdressing us, we give them [props?] we let them know, hey, man, you look good. You feel great giving that compliment as good as they feel receiving it.

Fashion bunker stylish man never wears his big brother’s clothing. I know you’re not wearing your brother’s clothing, but look at yourself in the mirror does your clothing fits your body? That’s what I mean. Most guys are wearing clothing that’s too large on them. You need to know the name of your tailor, you need to take – and we know this, take your suits to get adjusted.

Mistakes men should not do related to fashion

Utility Room: 

Because of their jokes as well as their looks of fashion bunker is spoiled Do you know what these mistakes are about?
Sporting shoes with fashion bunker casual wear:

Sporting Shoes, it is a big mistake to wear casual wear. Men often do this mistake wearing sports shoes with casual wear. A stylish fashion bunker man never wears cheap shoes. 

Really, on the cheap shoes, you’re going to see that they use petroleum products that everything is really cheap and it’s really shoddy. Think about what that does to your foot over time. And here’s the thing with cheap shoes, they get worse and worse after every wear. 

When it comes to more expensive shoes, you can go in and you can look at the inside quality all the details and what you notice is these are built to last. And good shoes especially when the upper can be replaced, so they’re going to be Blake-stitched, they’re going to be Goodyear-welted, these get better over time. 

A stylish fashion bunker man doesn’t give much weight to unsolicited opinions. So, you’re wearing a hat like this and somebody says, oh, looking like peaky blinders there. Yeah, is that mean to be an insult, is that actually made to be a compliment. 

Here’s the deal is that you are confident in how this hat looks on you and confident in how this hat looks on you and you listen to people, yes, that know style people that you respect, not random people on the web who are going to leave a comment on your picture. 

You ignore that, you know that you feel great, you know that wearing this hat protects you it’s actually got a function. It’s a rainy day, it’s going to protect your head from the elements, it’s just a great classic look. And when you have the confidence to be able to shrug off other people’s unsolicited opinions, believe me, you’re going to be able to pull off looks that other fashion bunker men just wish they could. 

Fashion Bunker Dress code:

Stylish men know that there is always a dress code. It doesn’t matter if they say there is no dress code, there is, otherwise, fashion bunker people can show up naked and they don’t, you know get arrested if they do.

Every company, every culture has a certain way that people dress. We mimic each other, we judge people by how they look. I know some of you guys say, oh, not me. No. We all have this shortcut in our brain that we’re trying to save energy and we are leveraging what we know of the past to make predictions on the future.

All of us have ideas of what success looks like. Guess what? If you dress to look like a success, people are going to assume you are one. A well-dressed fashion bunker man never forgets his personal hygiene.

 It doesn’t matter how expensive that suit was, people are not going to want to be near you if you stink. So, make sure to take a shower, make sure to actually wear a fragrance, take care of your teeth.

I love using an electric toothbrush because it does such a better job. Use mouthwash. Go to a dentist, don’t be afraid to go out there and get your teeth whitened, get your teeth straightened if it’s going to make you more confident.

 Fashion bunker stylish men are never afraid to be slightly overdressed. Not to be super overdressed, you want to be aware of the situation. You don’t want to show up and be awkward. You know to show up to a volleyball game wearing a suit just doesn’t work, not functional.

 But, when you don’t know what’s going on you’ve done your research, you would rather err on being slightly overdressed, it’s who you are it’s a way to show respect and it’s better than being underdressed.

Fashion Bunker Casual Clothing :

  This is what separates the boys from the men. You take your casual clothing in. Yes, I’m talking about your jeans. You get them hemmed instead of letting the bottoms get frayed and torn up. You actually have your trousers brought in, you have all of your shirts darted.

Get your clothing adjusted to fit your body, all of a sudden you’re going to look better and you’re not going to look like you’re wearing somebody else’s clothes. A stylish fashion bunker man never forgets to finish off his outfit. You’ve got a breast pocket on a jacket, guess what? Stuff it, put it in a pocket square. 

 If you are thin or thick, wearing skinny jeans can be a great disaster for fashion bunker. The skinny jeans do not even give your body a chance to breathe tightly and breathe. If you like to wear tight-fitting jeans you can wear slim-fit jeans.

Wrinkle clothing:

First off, let’s talk about the practicality. You want to look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you don’t have anything stuck in your teeth, there are no stains on your clothing. It is simply you want to be confident in how you look and you use a mirror to be able to see.
 And what they found is that people that were a little bit I’m not going to say full of themselves, but confident in their abilities, they’ve shown that these people can deal with adversity, so be proud of what you’ve accomplished. 
So, fashion bunker stylish men never wear wrinkled clothing and they know how to use an iron. So, how to spot a quality iron? Look at the base plate, look at the number of holes in here. When you see a lot of holes like this, I can tell that this can be doubled as a steamer and that they’ve spent a lot of money on the construction.
 Even if you use a little bit too high of a temperature, you’re usually not going to be able to see any damage from the inside of the shirt. And another hack is whenever you’re going and you want to basically get the wrinkles out of your suit, don’t press an iron directly against it, instead simply use the steam function and the steam will actually pull the wrinkles out.
 So, a stylish fashion bunker man never wears clothing that works against his body type. So, first up, you need to know your body type. Let me pull up a quick chat here. Look at all the different body types. You want to identify which one you’re closest to. 

Dress body type:

You’ve got to dress for the body you have, so if you’re a really thin fashion bunker guy, you don’t want to wear clothing that maybe has vertical lines that are going to make you look thinner.
If you are around the guy, you don’t want to draw attention to your midsection by wearing a bright belt, instead, you want to wear clothing if you’re a larger guy that’s going to build up the shoulders like a fashion bunker jacket. 
If you’re a thinner guy that’s going to maybe give you a bit of breadth, so you’re going to want to wear maybe heavier clothing you want to learn to layer. The point is stylish men know what body type they are and they dress accordingly so that they look their best.

Keep the styling collar:

When you stand up, make sure to button the button here. Don’t walk around in a suit without having the right button buttoned. Need help with that? I’ve got a quick little infographic for you right here. 
But, guys, when it comes down to it, you want to make sure your clothing you add that final touch on there that’s going to make you look great. Now, an area that a lot of guys forget to finish off is the collar. You notice this collar now how it’s laying flat like this? 

The shirt is not right by standing the collar Shirt collars give you a crisp look This message also comes from the stinging collar that you do not have an emotion of dressing. Wearing an expensive shirt or t-shirt with a stand So wear crisp.

The reason being is collared were not made to stand up without being fully buttoned to be worn with a necktie. The reality is though, most of us are choosing not to wear a neck nowadays and the look is just sloppy it doesn’t look great because the collar was made to support the face to build up this area and it doesn’t do that when it’s lying flat like this. A great solution, Slick Collar.

Incorrect combination of flip-flops :

These mistakes are often seen as men they wear flip flops with any type of outfit. They are completely spoiling your look To look cool, this mistake should be avoided. Flip flops with beach wake, pajamas and shorts will look great but do not wear them with trousers, jeans. Many options like loopers are available in the market if you want to avoid the problem of a tie-up.


How to impress girls through fashion bunker:

Nowadays, if you want to impress the girls but don’t know where to start today I will tell some tips that you can follow and also get the result.

First of all focus on grooming. The days went when people thought that girls attracted only boys. Over time, the thinking of the boys has changed.

 The boys have started to pay attention to personal hygiene and grooming. Because the girls in this Modern era have become very demanding. Nowadays girls who love their careers and personalities come in more favor. 

So if you want to impress anybody, then these tips can come in handy if you pay attention to your grooming then you can easily impress the girls.

Be clear, girl’s first obscure eyes, they first absorb your hygiene standards. Personal Hygiene now has become an essential part of their lifestyle for men. No woman will be attracted to such a person whose arm smells like an onion from the armaments. 

Oral Care is also a part of Personal Hygiene. So keep your teeth always clean. Because when you talk to a girl or a woman, first of all, your teeth will be seen. Seeing your yellow teeth, your impression will be a little down, take care when you are talking to a girl, then your breath smells not coming one girl first sees Hygiene of boys.

Keep the ears and nose hair clean, hair is easily seen on the ears and noses of men. If you do not clean the ear and nose’s hair from time to time, then you can show it to the old man and also the message goes to the people that you are careless towards your body. If the nose and ears are clean then your face looks clean.

Enlarged nails in the hands of men do not look good at all. Your nails should not grow more than your partner. Nor should it be scum or dust. Always use the Nail Clipper and if you can, you can take the help of manicure and pedicure on the spot to show yourself clearly.

Morpheiser men’s lip balm is very cheap and easily available in the market compared to lip balm and nowadays it is necessary for men to keep themselves moisturized for grooming. Apply Moisturizer to the elbow, knees and rest dry skin.

Give a new look to the dad Nowadays the beard look is in fashion bunker anyway. But if you like to keep a beard, then pay attention to their grooms too. Keep in mind that your beard should be according to your face and trim.

 There are many types of products available for beer care in the market. Such as oil and lounges from which you can give extra care to your beard.

Exercise women are physically fit and well-liked by men with sticks. Exercise helps you look good. Your muscles get stronger By exercising, your body remains strong.

Sunscreen is important if you think that sunscreen is used only by girls, it is not so. There may be a problem of tanning, burning, and redness from sunlight in your skin. So do not forget to put sunscreen on the exit.

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