Fashion illustration

                                             Fashion illustration

Fashion is a form of art. Art is just a way of expressing yourself. Fashion is a trend. It really defines a lot of people. It touches everybody. It’s an industry that has 100% participation. It’s not a frivolity. 

It’s something that is a reflection of people’s hopes and their dreams. I would say fashion is never going away. Whether it be digital stores or Instagram, there’s always going to be fashion. People are always going to buy clothes.

 Fashion’s important because it stands in for who we are as individuals, as well as being an enormous industry, from design to production to retail, and everything in between. Intellectual property is the basis for protecting your concept and your idea, regardless of whether you’re in fashion or in any other industry.

In today’s world, fashion is changing very fast – so to remain in the fashion world, always have to be alert. You must always be ready to change yourself because if you are not aware of your work, you will not be able to know about new things in the upcoming fashion, then you will be out of the fashion world. 

Therefore, go and understand the technical changes that happen in your area too. This fashion world is not necessarily what is shadowed today, it remains even today because this market of fashion does not change gradually. It comes suddenly and suddenly disappears.

 Fashion illustration

In fashion, it may be that there are cotton pants today, in a short time the demand for leather pants starts. Therefore, considering the changing nature of nature at all times, there should always be an effort to keep the update.


Hard work and passion:


Never should anyone copy the fashion world. No one should work on someone’s say, because if you do your work by seeing someone else then at that time you will forget about the way you do your work. Saying that if you stop thinking then your work cannot be different from other fashion actors. You will also look like everyone because you have changed your fashion by looking at another. A good artist is the one who has to go ahead and try to do something new.

Intellectual property law:

 Intellectual property is the body of law that protects the creative process. Intellectual property is simply intangible property. And ideas are not protectable, but the artistic expression of an idea is. So a lot of what regulates the fashion industry from a legal standpoint is intellectual property law. And intellectual property law basically is a mix of copyright, trademark, and patents.

Quality of the brand :

Trademark law probably has the biggest impact on fashion. It’s the brand or the logo. It can be also more than just a name.
 Every great brand has a trademark: Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Gucci; all of these brands are well-known, and those names are trademarked.
 The real, primary purpose of trademark law is to avoid confusion in the marketplace among consumers. So the purpose of trademark law isn’t really to protect companies, although it does that. It’s really to protect consumers.
 A trademark is anything, that functions as a source indicator. It tells the customer, “oh, I know where this product came from.” It really tells companies that if you invest heavily in developing your brand, and developing the quality of your brand, and generating consumer goodwill, that another company can’t come along and trade-off of that goodwill. So it protects both the consumer and the company.

Famous trademarks:

One of the most famous trademarks I think is Louis Vuitton. And that little LV carries such weight with it. Anything that has that label’s going to sell for more than if it didn’t have that label. 
So they really need to protect that brand. Louis Vuitton has brought another parody case involving a different company, a company that has created a series of canvas tote bags. The company is called My Other Bag, and the idea is that My Other Bag has chosen a series of different companies to include in their product.
LVMH v. My Other Bag. Louis Vuitton sued because someone had a parody on their design. And they put it in their tote bag. This is a version of the classic Louis Vuitton 12, with the MOB’s for My Other Bag replacing the L’s and V’s that we would see on a genuine Vuitton. And of course, Louis Vuitton is not the only company that has been bitten, if you will, by these bags. And LVMH lost because the court says it’s conspicuously different.
 They just did a parody. So all they did was use your design, it’s a brand, and they put it on the tote bag. And they did it as a picture, not as covering the whole tote bag as if it was Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton had been pretty aggressive in their enforcement. They tested it, and it didn’t go well.
 The parody question is an interesting one for fashion companies because their trademarks are very well-known. Their trademarks are protected very carefully because they are the primary economic resources of the brands. 
Designers come and go, boutiques open and close, but trademarks are forever. They don’t want others copying that label, ’cause that will dilute their mark and will decrease the value. Part of the reason why trademarks are so important in fashion is that in many jurisdictions, including the US, fashion has so little other protection. 
Very little copyright, only tiny access to patent, but trademarks are universal. And so even if you can’t protect the entire design, you can at least protect the trademark.


Copyright is nothing more, nothing less, than the right to copy. It’s designed to encourage more artistic creation and expression by giving creators control over what they create. And the moment you put pen to paper to draw a drawing, or create a sculpture, or compose a musical piece, you have a copyright in that work.
 Overall, the cut and silhouette and shape of a dress is not protected by copyright law. The rule has never been that utilitarian objects like a garment aren’t protected; it’s only that they’re not protected by copyright law. 
You don’t want copyright to protect, for example, the cut of a jacket. Because a jacket has two arms and buttons, think of your standard blazer. For example, Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, the wrap dress itself is not protectable, but the design is protectable.
 The Star Athletica case dealt with a very simple question, which is if you have a series of shapes and stripes on an article of clothing, is that protectable? And an employee of this company that made pretty much all the cheerleader uniforms in the country went to another company and copied some of the designs of his original employer. His new company was sued for copyright infringement. 

Do not be afraid to take risks:

It depends on you how difficult you can face in the fashion market. Your intentions should be strong before changing anything. Today’s young designers coming forward in the fashion world first need a lot of hard work and a wedding for the ramp walk. Never lose courage, because at first, it may seem difficult. Sometimes you should work beyond your limits, keep your self-confidence strong.

Discover new things:

For every artist, it is necessary that the changes in the world of fashion remain well aware of its economy and political scenario. If you think that an artist can be successful in removing this fashion world, then you think wrong because every designer should update his information every day. They should read the daily newspaper and get information from television as well.


Strong confidence:

All artists must always keep their courage and confidence in their work and changing nature. A young designer should always have the courage to show the world in front of the world, which can not be taught in any school. Self-confidence has to be built in itself.


Interest in work:

It is very important for the person to be interested in doing any work. You should separate something new and different from your work. Your costumes should be new, different from others and attractive. By which people’s attention can be attracted to you. 

Prepare your governance or quality of work wholeheartedly, should not compromise with work at all. An artist should do his work with full sincerity. It does not mean that you learn something like fashion from school to school because you have learned everything because there is nothing stagnant in the fashion world. There is something new every day here.


Choosing the right material item:

It is not enough to know the essentials related to fashion, but a designer should also know what is the way to make it, how it is formed. They should also know what kind of clothes to use in their work. The designer should never make a mistake in recognizing the right material for completing his work. He should check enough material before starting the work.

Fashion illustration

Fashion changes over time:

Our fashion also changes with the weather, as well as in the summer, along with the quality of the clothes, we also pay attention to the color of the clothes that we should use more of the color of clothes in the summer season. Wearing clothes made from khadi feels comfortable in the summer season. It also absorbs sweat, so khadi textiles are considered good for the summer season.

         Social media plays a very important role in promoting fashion. Fashion also makes considerable decisions about our liking.

Fashion is very short and dynamic. Fashion changes even when the weather changes during the year. Therefore, if fashion is to remain in this world, then with full awareness it is necessary to understand the world’s rituals.

Fashion is a term that is equally popular among youth, aged, women and children. Fabrics, food items, fast food, dance (on western tunes), weddings, celebrations, etc. have an indelible impression of fashion. Fashion never stays stable.

It is a transformational addiction that climbs on the head and speaks. If a woman is worn out of old-style or design sari or lehenga, it is possible that she should be given the term “out of fashion”. It is also possible that she would not be invited to the next kitty party.

In today’s world, the “market value” of any person who becomes “out of fashion” falls. Therefore, in order to ensure its place in the race of materialism, it has to adopt the latest fashion items, facilities, and ideas in terms of clothing, catering, home, children, spouse, office, business, etc. Fashion is like a wolf.

Some people with creative powers help private companies in designing new fashionable items. These companies promote these products or services worldwide through propaganda, personal sales parties, and propaganda.

People need new clothes, food items, jewelry, leather goods, music, home, office or language every moment. These people consider themselves blessed by purchasing these new items and services. They think that they are keeping themselves in line with the new fashion. Companies earn the highest profits in all of these systems. Fashion designers also become silver.

Fashion shows have also started happening in India in the coming days. An exhibition of bizarre clothing was made in November 2006 at the National Center for Performing Arts in Mumbai. In that show, JJ Balaya, Manish Arora, Rohit Bal, Rohit Gandhi, Seema Khan, etc. presented beautiful models to the ramp.

 The audience was more in the press and the buyer of the clothes less. Apart from this, the number of women models was far more than the male models, which is a common trend in this fashion week.

It’s not bad to be fashionable. But the name of wearing nefarious clothes is not fashionable or the name of wearing less clothing is also not fashionable. Fashion shows reach the culmination of barefoot. It does not seem that the fashion model is showing a new design. The beautiful women walking on the ramp and showing their fleshy organs. Viewers and TV viewers enjoy their limb performance. Meditation on clothes is rarely of any audience.

There is no special sale until the end of this fashion week. This means that there is no interest in people’s perverted fashion. For example, there was not any garment that a young woman could make towards her college, office or market. In this bustling fashion, fashion designers have forgotten that buyers may have to wear dresses made by them. This was a unique match of truth and false, which was seen as a lesser sale.

India’s designer garment turnover is only 0.1 percent of the world’s designer garment turnover. In our country, fashion shows are being held equally but they are not able to get the love of the common people. There is a lot to do in this area. If this is the case, how will the Indian (fashion) garments enter the world market?

The media has tried to bring another issue to light. A ramp model gets Rs 25,000 for a show. An ambidextrous woman gets only ten rupees per hour to do her hard work. Cloth chests are poor, while fashion designers living in the glare of cameras, light and five-star hotels become people’s eyes. This trend should also be terminated.

We have never been confused with fashion and its changing trend. But we do believe that fashion apparel should be acceptable in an elegant, cheap and social perspective. The same principle has to be applied to other types of fashion trends.

In essence, fashion is an excuse that has not delivered any other person or organization except a few. Fashionable goods and services are welcome in this era of globalization. But all these things should be done on social and economic parameters. It is hoped that the organizers of Fashion Designers, Textile Manufacture and other fields and fashion shows will accept this simple but serious fact.

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