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The problem of hair fall treatment earlier times occurred after 35-40 years of age, but in the present-day life, young people are struggling with problems of hair fall treatment.
Having long hair and black hair is equally important.

 Hair fall in men
 Hair fall in men

It is true that it is important to treat the earliest prevention of hair fall or else it is possible to come on the brink of baldness. In such a case, we are afraid to knock on the door of the harpspilist or use expensive things like expensive oil shampoo.

 It is not that these methods are harmful or wrong, but many times these things do not shoot many people so that the opposite effect and the money are hot so differently. But do you know that there are things in our homes that we can use to control our fallen hair?

When bathing and combing, some hair breaks are natural, it is normal to fall 50 to 100 hair every day. But if the hair is falling more then it becomes necessary to take hair fall treatment.

Many times the use of hair products available in the market increases Hair fall in men, so before using any medicine, oil, cream, hair color, dye, know better that it suits your skin or not.

Reasons for Hair Fall:

Due to smoking.

Any kind of infection in the head.

Get more stress.

Lack of nutrients in the body.

Hair starts falling down due to stress and depression.

Vitamin B deficiency.

Iron deficiency in the body or illness of anemia.

Do not take care of the right things like massaging, oiling your scalp.

In this way, any of these deficiencies may be the reason for hair loss.




Do not have proper care of hair

Adulteration of foods

Cigarette smoking or other drug abuse


Scalp infection

Hormonal Imbalance

Due to Side Effects of Some Drugs

Some medical conditions such as thyroid, iron-deficiency anemia, chronic diseases, etc.

Genetic or genetic reasons

There is a problem of hair fall in men during the treatment of cancer, but this is a common thing.

Hair fall may also be bad for nourishment on hair, or even after the body’s blood becomes contaminated. Learn the holes of the hair disrupted but the nutrition of hair stops.

 Even if the contaminated water becomes mixed in the roots of hair due to being mentally more nostalgic or even prolonged inhalation, serious hair problems can arise.

Just as the body should be kept healthy by regular exercise, the hair should be kept healthy by the priceless ayurvedic medicinal remedies.

 Oil must be massaged from time to time in the hair, and it should be taken into a nutritious diet in the food, green vegetables, and seasonal fruits should be consumed. For oil massage, you can use oils like amla, coconut, almonds, etc.

10 Ayurvedic Ways and Home Remedies To Prevent hair fall treatment

1. Oil Massage

Oil massage is a very simple and effective remedy to keep hair healthy. Massaging turns blood flow right in the hair follicles conditions the scalp and gives strength to the roots.

For massage, you can use almond oil, olive oil, coconut, castor oil, amla oil, argan oil, or wheat germ oil. Massage is the right way to massage with your fingertips, with light pressure.

2.Use of Amla / Use of Gooseberry for Stopping Unnecessary Hair fall

Amla consumption is very useful for hair. Vitamin C is abundant in Amla, its deficiency can cause hair loss.


Even if the hair, cinnamon, and gooseberry are taken in equal form and made of a decoction, then the hair becomes solid and soft silk even after washing the head with that decoction.

Grind mango karma and amla in equal amounts and apply them on the head, the roots of hair strengthening.
Grinding the fruit of amla and mixing it with lemon juice, the Russian gets rid of it.
Mix one spoonful of lemon with the roasted amla and massage it well on the scalp from that mixer.
 Cover the hair with a shower cap and leave for overnight and wake up in the morning and shampoo. By doing so, the hair becomes beautiful with the addition of loose and also the hair falls stops.

3. Fenugreek Use 
Fenugreek is considered very effective in preventing hair fall. Fenugreek donors have hormone antecedents that help in hair growth and rebalance hair follicles.
Soak a cup of fenugreek in the water overnight. Grind them in the morning and prepare a paste. Put the paste on the scalp and leave it for 40 minutes. When the time is over, wash the head well with water. Repeat this process for 1 month.
Doing this will not only reduce hair loss but you will also get new hair growth.
To remove dry skin (dry-dried) hair and hair loss with the Russian, the fenugreek seeds should be ground in pure sweet water and placed in the roots of the hair (before sleeping).
4. Onion Use
Onions contain antibacterial properties that cure any type of infection in the scalp, which reduces hair loss.
Sulfur in onion is also found in a very high amount, which is helpful in correcting blood circulation in hair follicles. It also contains proteins and nicotinic acid which helps in the growth of hair.
Some studies have found that those who apply onion juice to their scalp, their hair re-grow rapidly.
Take out a little onion juice in a bowl and apply it directly on your scalp.
Wash it after 30 minutes and then shampoo the hair.
Apart from this, you can also:
Mix two spoons of aloe vera gel with the juice of three spoons of onion, if you like, add one spoon olive oil (olive oil) in it too. Leave this mixture on a scalp for 30 minutes and then shampoo.
Do one of the two methods mentioned above two to three times a week for one month. These methods will help a lot in the growth of your hair.
Applying rock salt in onion juice and ginger juice and putting it on bald head increases the possibility of hair growth. Ginger juice also fades away from hair diseases.
By adding a teaspoon of pancake juice in a glass of water, washing hair with that water makes the hair healthy.

If you want to remove the baldness of the head, then the hair starts to grow by applying the juice of the pouch. Applying honey and drink juice and putting them on the roots of the hair stops hair loss.

5. Use of Aloe vera / Use of Aloe vera for Good Hair Growth
Aloe vera contains some enzymes that help in hair growth. Along with this, Esku maintains the pH level of Alkaline Properties scalp which is helpful in hair growth.
Aloe vera uses gel or juice to remove scabies, itching, redness, and burning sensation problem reduces dandruff and increases hair strength and shine.


Apply aloe vera gel or juice on a scalp and leave it for a few hours and then wash it with warm-hot water. Do this 3 to 4 times a week.
You can also drink a spoonful Aloe vera juice daily for better hair growth.

6. Use of rooted root


Mix the root of one spoon mousetrap into a cup of milk and add a little saffron in it and mix it well.

Where there is baldness, apply this coating before sleeping at night. 

The root can be consumed as a tea made from it, it is also beneficial for hair.
To make the hair thick and thick, it is necessary to make a decoction of spinach and wash the hair.
By mixing sesame seeds and masatthi in thick milk of buffalo, they should be ground and applied on the hair, hair loss is stopped from this.
7. Use of Good flowers
Goodwood flowers have many qualities that are very useful for hair. Using it can prevent hair loss, dandruff and hair fall.
Using hairy hair can also be reduced to white hair and hair can be denser.
Add 10-12 coconut flowers to two cups of coconut oil.
Now put this solution in some pan and knead it thoroughly.
Once cooled, filter the solution and separate the oil.
Apply this oil in the hair before bedtime.
Repeat this process 2-3 times a week.
It is also beneficial to put the cornflower juice directly into the roots of the hair.
8. Use of beetroot / Use of Beetroot for Hair Loss 
Beetroot juice contains vitamin B, vitamin C, protein, calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrate and potassium. All these elements are essential for good hair growth.
You can eat sugar as a salad or drink the juice of it.
In addition, you boil the beetroot leaves in water and grind it and add it to the gourd and apply it on your scalp for about half an hour. Do this process 2-3 times a week.
9. Use of linseed seed
Flaxseed seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids that can prevent hair loss and help new hair grow.
Take a spoonful of fresh linseed seeds with water every morning. You can also consume it by putting it in salads or other food items.
You can make your hair strong by putting oil made of linseed seed in the hair and control the hair loss.
10. Coconut milk
Coconut milk contains proteins and essential fats that help in growing hair and prevent hair loss.
First, take the coconut and put it in water and boil for 5 minutes.
After cooling, filter it, thus coconut milk will be ready.
Now put it in your scalp and hair, leave it for 20 minutes, and then shampoo hair.
You can also add black pepper and fenugreek seeds to it.

  Tips for hair care:

1.)Henna Henna not only prevents hair from falling but also shines hair and makes it beautiful.

Boil some mustard seeds in mustard oil with some leaves.

Now let it cool down, apply cold on your head and yes if it is better to get coconut oil instead of mustard.

– Use of henna 3-4 times a week, it will be of great benefit.

2.)Massage You should massage your head 3 to 4 times a week. You can use any of the amla oil, coconut oil, almond or olive oil for massage.

– Slowly grab any of the oils mentioned above and cover it with the palm.

Massage with a light hand for about 10 minutes, and then leave it for at least 15 minutes. After this, wash your head with shampoo or soap.

– You can massage like this 3 times a day.

– Hair loss due to massage will stop, as well as you will feel refreshed, will be fresh in the brain, Relax will relax and blood circulation will also be good in the body.

3.)Avoid smoking if you have problems with hair loss.

4.)Take a healthy diet, reduce the intake of fried spicy food. Eat protein-containing vitamin B, zinc, iron.

5.)Take more tension and stress due to hair fall, so avoid stress.

6.)Boil some berries of garlic in coconut oil and massage the head with this oil after cooling.

Tips for hair care:
Tips for hair care:

7.)Amla and lemon juice

– Take equal amounts of amla and lemon juice and mix well,

– Now use it as shampoo before bathing,

– Will prevent hair from falling.

8.) Egg :

Blub the egg and pour its juice on the head, it helps in increasing the hair faster. Use the egg 2-3 times a week. If you use the egg with olive oil, you will get better results.


– Take two spoons of honey and take two spoon olive oil,

– Make the paste of it on the head,

– Do this 2-3 times a week, in 3-4 months you will see good results.

10.)Curd and gram flour

Take 2-3 spoons fresh curd and mix in it with 2 spoons gram flour,

– Now put it on your hair shortly before bathing

– You can also use this process 3 times a day.

   Friends, I hope these home remedies will keep you away from baldness and hair loss. If you have any problem, write us down in the comment below.

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