Parenting tips

                                   Parenting tips

Your child will learn to play with toys at the initial stage. First knee move, then run through small steps and then say something in the tone of words.

 The height of the children is really pleasant for the mother. And then with those small steps, moving the child towards the school will also enthrall the mother how gradually her boyfriend grew up. How do these two-three years of childhood pass in sports, do not know. 

Parenting tips
Parenting tips

Then there comes a time when the mother starts preparing to send her children to playschool. There are many types of social attics weighted on it.

 Although the playschool may be a fun school, in the early days, children do not mix quickly in this unfamiliar environment. They tend to go to school for a week or so.

 If you do not want your loved one to do this, then start preparing him from the beginning and from education for him so that he can set himself up properly in the changing environment.

Give motivational toys:

Generally, a child aged between two and a half years starts to think and understand. Not only do they understand the size. So give them the alphabet toys to play. 

Make them acquainted with the words made in it. By teaching this way, concentration and interaction develop in the child. These things taught in a natural way will have a direct effect on his mind and without learning to stress, he will learn to play with words too.

Fill the stories with color in life:

When grandparents in the house tell educative stories to children, then they go into their subconscious mind. It gives them many emotions, feelings of winning, feeling of struggle and not accepting defeat.

 Living in the group, respecting parents and the elderly, they also understand such things. That is, stories give emotional support to children. So try to connect them with small, but educative stories.

Teach, love most:

Teach, love most
Teach, love most

Children are like wet soil. The structure in which you will start it from the beginning will be the same form. Therefore, love them with love from the very beginning.

 It is important to teach him that you love most in the world, then you will love all. Teach respect to elders and you too, so that they can learn the good things from you. Remember, only if the foundation is good, the building will be strong.

Teach With Love Share:

Whether there is a school or a house, it is a matter of playing or eating, sharing all the children together, playing and eating brings a sense of cooperation. 

There is special care at this age. Add habit in them from home that they learn to share things. Their same habit teaches them to share tiffin and toys with other children in school.

Teach by combining colors:

Children are quickly affected by colorful things. Therefore, children of this age should be given beautiful colorful toys for their knowledge of colors. As if the child had identified the art of elephant and identified black, he would learn faster than other methods taught.

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