PCOS pregnancy complications

PCOS Pregnancy complications: Things you need to know

 PCOS Pregnancy complications and how I was misdiagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome I know you’re probably thinking what do you mean at the age of 18 which happened a very long time ago in 2008 to be precise I got diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome.

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a condition in many women who have irregular periods and they are extremely heavy to the point where the ovaries produce male hormones normal then higher levels i.e androgens. This can affect women’s fertility appearance. In this, women don’t want to go outside the house.

 I saw a gynecologist I remember at the hospital and they said that you’re not infertile but because you don’t really ovulate every month because you don’t have a period every month there may be times when you don’t ovulate at all we don’t know that for sure yet you’re not infertile you might just need or Galatian tablets to help your view late at the time.

I was 18 so I wasn’t really thinking about children though I knew I wanted them in the future it just wasn’t really a thing that I was just you know I was very young that is kind of where it started so obviously I’m going to the doctor and saying right I have really heavy periods they’re very irregular I miss school  I had no idea the pill that makes my periods to come every month it also makes them extremely light.

 PCOS Pregnancy complications but I don’t have the syndrome so I don’t have all of the symptoms that come with it but because my ovaries do have cysts on them that is why I’m struggling to of ovulating every month which is wild at her period every month.



PCOS Disorder 

  1. Periods are irregular.
  2. Infertile.
  3. Ovulation is irregular.
  4. Ovaries produce male hormones normally than higher levels.
  5. Excessive face and body hair.
  6. Insulin resistance.
  7. Cyst on the ovaries.
  8. Acne.
  9. Thinning or head hair.

Sometimes the point where I hardly have one which is like fantastic news for someone like me they don’t actually tell you what it does to your body which I think is really bad that is kind of what happened and it wasn’t until last year that I finally came off the pill and it was the best decision.

 I’m so glad that I came off the pill and I wish I came off it earlier so be honest I wish I never went on it the pill essentially is tricking your body into thinking it is pregnant I mean that just sounds awful really just saying it your period every month is not a period the bleed that you have is not a period it’s just because you’ve come off the pill for seven days it’s just that it’s just a break a period break if you have regular periods and whatnot you don’t really have an issue that you’re just simply on it because you just want to use it as a form of contraception then maybe that’s a win for you.


Sometimes women with PCOS pregnancy complications are difficult to get pregnant. Talk to your doctor to find the necessary cause and symptoms and diagnose the problem. This reduces the risks of complications to get pregnant with PCOS problem.
  • Take a blood test and examine a problem.
  • Check your male hormones.
  • Take your ultrasound scans.
  • Check your cyst and ovaries periodically. 

I would never advise someone to be on it for a very long time for me someone who doesn’t have a period every month for someone who struggles to ovulate as it is why am I picking something in my body that is stopping me from naturally trying to ovulate I’m trying to make that happen but I’m using this pill to stop it like it just doesn’t make sense.

PCOS pregnancy complications and Infertility

If you are struggling to get pregnant there could be many reasons.

  1. Overweight.
  2. Difficulty in the release of an egg.
  3. High levels of male hormones.
  4. Irregular periods.
  5. Acne.
  6. Excessive hair on body and face.

So I was on the pill for nine years and it’s just great it’s actually crazy to think I was on it for that long I was on diner then I was on Yasmin and then I was on something else and then I was on low Street I think it’s called and that was the last pill that I was on and that was for about four years it’s actually I don’t know if it’s because I’ve got a bit older and my body’s changing which is why I wish I was not on the pill because I would love my body just naturally change my periods.

IVF(In Vitro Fertilisation)

This technique is used when women in pcos pregnancy complications are not able to conceive the baby naturally. There could be many problems like if you are infertile, PCOS problem then your doctor will prefer to go for the IVF Test tube baby technique.

  1. Best chances of conception.
  2. This is an expensive technique.
  3. With this IVF technique,  PCOS Pregnancy complications women will also become pregnant.

As the lifestyle has been changing the majority of women with Infertility problems or any PCOS problems do become pregnant with In Vitro Fertilisation technique

Irregular periods-Causes

Irregular periods can be a symptom of  PCOS Pregnancy complications. Learn what are the causes of irregular periods.

  1. Obesity.
  2. Taking pills.
  3. Pelvic pain.
  4. Hormonal disturbance.
  5. High levels of male androgens.
  6. Excessive hair growth on the body and face. 
  7. Acne.

So when I was sort of 18 and 17 it’s not the same like my periods aren’t the same I do have the same kind of length and I do have like between periods and I do also have a few heavier days say everybody else does but they are they seem to be touchwood a lot easier I decided to stop taking the pill just literally stop taking it and that was it’s been over a year.

 Now I think it did take about six months for me to actually have my first period from coming off the pill so it was quite a while since then my periods do seem to be every sort of two to three months there are a few little things that I’m going to mention in a minute that I do just will track them but from coming off the pill there’s only been one time that I’ve had a really bad experience and that was what made me go to the doctor and have all these tests son and that is what made me realize I don’t have polycystic ovary syndrome the end of last year I had my period came.

They were either obese or have a lot of weight gain which I don’t have a lot of them had excessive hair growth which I don’t have a lot of them had a lot of acne which I don’t have and like they were always talking about their weights and how they’re trying to lose weight because of their policies to go every syndrome and me was like I don’t have that like I can’t relate to what these people are saying and I kept telling her that and she kept telling me you don’t look like someone who’s got pelisses to here syndrome so anyway after the ultrasound internal internally it came back that I have polycystic ovaries.

I’ve got another month or two before my next period comes nope I was wrong for some very strange reason two or three days after my period I started bleeding again and I was like what is going on but it wasn’t a bright red period it was a dark red-brown period which is obviously dry blood which is usually what you get at the end of a period but I kept hounding that for a few days.

PCOS and Pregnancy

Women with PCOS pregnancy complications can increase during pregnancy like many women will face these symptoms.
  1. High blood pressure in the pregnancy or pregnancy period.
  2. Premature birth.
  3. Genetic Diabetic or having Insulin.
  4. Cesarian delivery due to overweight.
Babies born to PCOS Pregnancy complications women have a greater risk of dying around the time of delivery being admitted in the healthcare unit for care.
If you have  PCOS Pregnancy complications and pregnant you should talk to your doctor before delivery.  The risk of these complications can be reduced by monitoring the PCOS and pregnancy symptoms and taking extra care during your pregnancy.

 PCOS Pregnancy Complications due to abnormal Disorders

There are so many complications that occur during pregnancy due to abnormal disorders in the body that makes the pregnancy difficult for women.
  1. Insulin or prediabetes.
  2. Obesity.
  3. Endometrial cancer.
  4. Sleep apnoea.
  5. Cardiovascular disease.
  6. Metabolic syndrome.
  7. Irregular periods.

It was like spotting slash trying to start up here at again and then about a week later as a proper period started and it went on for 46 days I was on a period 46 days just it’s so much time awful work because of it as well which meant I wasn’t earning money on a C it was just the most awful time ever just which is awful.

I was so tired like just so tired I would just want to sleep all the time obviously that’s not normal.

What you can do to avoid PCOS pregnancy complications?

1.You can go to the doctor.

2.Do your blood tests.

3. Check your hormone levels and iron levels.

4. Take folic acid tablets.

5. Check ultrasound scan regularly within 2 weeks.

6. Take proper diet.

7. Walk regularly.

8. Don’t take the stress.

9.Always spend more time with your partner.

10. Take proper sleep.

I went to the doctor and obviously, the doctors said that is not normal. So we’ll do tests so I went for blood tests and they came back as basically I had full ik anemia so my folic acid was really dangerously low so I had to be put on folic acid tablets for about a month and they were quite a hard dosage as well because I was that bad.

I can’t believe that you’re still awake. She’s heard like you must be so tired. Do not try to get pregnant right now because there could be a high chance of your baby having spina bifida because your folic acid is so low. Your hormones level seem to be okay and your iron levels were fine. I had really rich blood it was literally just my folic acid I had folic anemia.

I also had an ultrasound scan externally they couldn’t really see anything. So I had to go back and have an internal scan. I didn’t really get much information from the lady that was doing it. She didn’t really want a speech she didn’t really want to answer any of my questions. I was like why being so secretive like why can’t you tell me anything why can’t I look at the screen.

 I just thought it was so ridiculous and it really really annoyed me the internal scan came back as you have got polycystic ovaries but you don’t have the syndrome that is when I was like what do you mean and even the doctor kept saying to me every time I said I have put cystic ovaries in them she kept saying you don’t look like someone who’s got Paula cystic ovary syndrome but what do you mean like that is what I’ve been diagnosed.

That is the reason but all these years I’ve been told by doctors that I have polycystic ovary syndrome and bah-bah-bah when I don’t I’m so glad that I saw that lady doctor because every other doctor that I’ve been to and it’s usually like my regular doctors they just never want to help or they never want to just look into it more for me.

They never it’s just it’s almost like they say well you’ve got places to go otherwise you go back on the pill or you just deal with it and that is literally what the doctor says to me that’s one of the reasons I wanted to make people aware because there might be a lot of girls out there that were in or are in the same situation.

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