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 Sweat-proof makeup you are dancing up a storm, working out a gym, or playing hard in a sports field. You may be on the move, but the problem is your sweat-proof makeup melts with your every action.

 Sweat, which is supposed to be water-resistant for 80 minutes. Which seems extreme. – I feel like I usually work out after work and I wear makeup to work so I don’t bother taking it off when I go there.

 I do wear sweat-proof makeup when I work out, I would rather die. – I sweat all the time. My face breaks out when I wake up in the morning and breathe. The problem is we live in LA so every time you go to the gym there is a wannabe Kardashian contoured to the max. – I feel like I’m just going to feel caky and clogged. 

Welcome to the Sweat Squad

 It says hello beautiful.  So it comes with a brush, you twist it, oh your brush is there. Oh, your brush is gone. And then this color, which I guess we’re going to put in the butt of the brush. – There it is in the butt. Now what? Just shake it. 

Shake and tap at a downward angle until you see powder. – Oh shit. – I got it. – This is very uneventful. – I don’t really feel like anything is happening. It’s definitely going on you. – Oh, that’s just a chunk of color right there. – It only comes right there. It needs to like disperse.

 It’s a little light for me, it makes me look a little ashy and this is the second darkest color. It feels really nice and it’s like calming on my skin, which was really red a second ago. If I was going to wear sweat-proof makeup during a workout, already this would be the one that I would wear.

 We’re going to try the bronzer highlighter. I don’t know why we would need a highlighter, you’d think sweating would be your highlighter. There’s only one color, which is terrible because everyone has different skin tones. – It looks like I’m putting Nesquik on my cheek.

 It looks so good on you. – Does it? – I think the highlighter worked for all three of us. – I like that it’s sparkly. – Bronzer and the foundation were both very cool toned and I don’t think that that looks super good on my skin tone. – I actually liked this makeup way more than I thought I would. 

I don’t feel like I’m wearing sweat-proof makeup, but when I look in the mirror I can tell I’m wearing sweat-proof makeup because I look better than I normally do. – It was just so hard to blend on my face. That, even though the color was pretty good, I just got very annoyed and exhausted.

 I wonder how it’s going to be when water enters the mixture. I feel like it might get gross and drippy. – Get (mumbles), right? That’s science.  We are going to put this sweat-proof makeup to the test and go workout with a personal trainer and get really sweaty and see what happens.

Bodyweight exercise brings us sweat

 We’re going to do lots of bodyweight exercises, we’re going to work on lunges, core work, lots of jumping around. So get ready to see us sweat. Warming up with hip huggers right here. This is a warm-up you guys are going to really wail.

 I feel the tinges of perspiration. I don’t feel like I’m wearing sweat-proof makeup, which is good. – Good guys, going. – I feel like Niagara Falls is on my face. The makeup kind of started coming off of me a little bit, but not as much as if I was wearing other makeup.

 I feel like I didn’t wear makeup during this. – It’s very breathable. I don’t feel clogged in the pores. – How do you guys feel? – Great. – You did very well, you did everything I threw at you and you are sweating. – I think we should go see if this makeup withstood the test. 

 Someone help me up. – I think that it went pretty well. – I was sweating, it happened to me. – It felt really nice during the workout though. – That was the only thing that felt nice during the workout. – Maybe I’ll look in the mirror and I won’t have any sweat-proof makeup on and I’ll just look like trash, I don’t know. 

 Well, I’m excited to see how it held up.  It stayed – Yeah. – Oh my. – I feel like mine stayed. I feel like I look good. – Yours looks flawless. – You look exactly like– – You look like you did not work out. – Well I did, you were there. – The contour is definitely still there and there’s no streaking or flaking or even, we all thought that it was going to get clumpy. 

 I’m very impressed. – This is crazy. I went in and we were putting it on and we’re like, “This is the worst.” But holy shit, this is Worth it. – This is awesome. – Now we know that they’ve mastered foundation, bronzer, highlight, show me some eyeliner. 

 I never thought I would want to wear sweat-proof makeup when I worked out, but now I guess I will. – Not a good thing! Especially if that guy you are eyeing for is at the same place. You can imagine your horror as soon as your mascara starts to smudge and big balls of “colored” sweats are in your face!

 The secret behind looking good even when you are working out only requires a little knowledge and a simple combination of the right products and application. 

In the summer, women sweat to maintain make-up on face. In the summer season, sweat does not let the makeup stay on the face. 

But some women like make-up, so that they can not leave make-up. Keeping these troubles in mind, today we will tell you in this article how you can save your makeup from sweating in the summer.




Before making any makeup, spray a make-up setting on your face before it can be done. Put it on your face and neck, by applying it, sweat gets lost from the face and neck and prevents it from coming to sweat. Start your sweat-proof makeup only after spraying it.


Whether your skin should be oily or dry in the dry summer so that your makeup will last for a long time. If you want to save your makeup from sweating, then use a primer with silicon. Such primers do not move from their place after putting them on the face.

If you have to do eye makeup in the summer, then first put a primer on your eyes and start eye-make-up. Do not use shiny or bright colors this season. The nude color is best in the summer.


If you talk about the foundation, but the water found on the face of BB cream because it is very light compared to the normal foundation. Use Beauty Blender to blend Foundation or BB Cream. Put a very thin layer of foundation on the face.

Use some amount of transparent powder to prevent the counselor from under the eyes.

The eye’s complete the masker. This is a cosmetic product that no one wants to leave the girl, but in the summer season, use waterproof mascara. Applying a normal mascara can make your eyes full sweat-proof makeup worse.     

Tips on how to get sweat-proof makeup 

Fitness Makeup

Sports Makeup means having a barely-there look that gives you the right amount of glow. Also, for the outdoors, you’ll need a built-in protection factor to cope up with the sun and other harsh elements. 

A healthy glow equates to having a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturizer, lip gloss, and a swipe of bronzing powder. 

A water-based foundation is great if you wish to combat greasiness and do not want to visit the ladies’ room every now and then for frequent touch-ups. You should also bear in mind that the sheerer the lip gloss is the more often you need to reapply it.

 Use a lip liner that matches your lip gloss to make it stick and lasts longer. Apply less mascara while working out as it runs easily in the heat.

  For some people who cannot leave the house with their eyes “naked”, waterproof mascara is a must. Use a cream eyeshadow on your eyes to get a natural yet defined look that will stay put even when you start to sweat.

Every woman wants her face to be as beautiful as the moon. For this, she takes care of everything from make-up, but it is difficult to resort to make-up all the time.

Facial cleansing

To get natural beauty, you need special care of the face, i.e. everyday facial cleansing, toning, and masturrying. From all these, your face becomes soft and beautiful.

 After this, if you also make light make-up, then your face gets enhanced. In the summer especially women use light make-up, so that their looks look natural, but this is not possible.

Such a makeup that till now you feel light and natural feels sticks and heavy in the heat. Follow the style of the style below and this special season with melt-proof make-up during this summer.


Facial cleansing is necessary before make-up. Sweat-proof makeup looks good on a clean face. You clean the face with a mild cleanser so that the dirt on the skin is removed.


Do not forget to skin toning after cleaning. Apply oil-absorbing toner before applying makeup on oily skin. It will shine on the face For this, papaya and cucumbers, tomato juice, and banana can also be applied.


If you have oily skin then do not use moisturizers. If you want you can just use a light moisturizer under the eyes. Place non-oily moisturization with SPF 15 on rustic and normal skin.

Waterproof Foundation

Find Highly Pigmented and Waterproof Foundation Place a jail-based foundation instead of the creamy foundation. Put thin layers and let it dry for three minutes. Now remove excess foundation from tissue paper now. Maturity Powder

It is better to impose the maturity powder layer, apply only once and flip it with an extra powder brush.

Melt-Proof Lipstick

Choose Mats Shades Lipstick for Melt-Proof Look in Summer. Apply high-proof pigment lipsticks with a matte base with a waterproof lip pencil.

Light Eye sweat-proof makeup

Heavy Eye Makeup makes the messy look in the summer. Choose strong shades like lavender and coral pink. If you choose to have such shades, even if the Maya spread due to perspiration, then it will glow around the eyes instead of Messi.




Makeup for a night 

We all want the perfect makeup especially when it comes to partying with friends. You always want to look your best but don’t want to bother with frequent bathroom visits.

 Here is where the extra time spent in preparation is vital as it will buy you from several hours of sweat-proof makeup. Before you apply your foundation, use a cream ‘primer’. 

This miracle product provides a long-lasting non-slip base for your foundation to cling to. You also need to seal your foundation with a pressed or loose powder as even the best foundation cannot resist a shine after perspiration. 


For added confidence, carry a compact powder for intermittent touch-ups. Blotting powders are also helpful.

 The humidity in nightclubs is an added headache, especially where your eye makeup is concerned.
 Wearing an eyeshadow primer that would resist oil breakthrough is important as it will prevent your shadow to run into the crease and helps your eyeliner last a bit longer.

 You can also apply foundation onto your eyelids, then use a matte eyeshadow on top to keep your eye sweat-proof makeup in place no matter how hot it gets! Use cake eyeliner that is applied wet with an eyeliner brush and allow it to dry. Apply liner on the top lid only. 

This will prevent tell-tale under-eye smudges. Waterproof eyeliner is a must. Mascara should be applied to top and bottom eyelashes. (This must be waterproof as well if you do not want to look like a raccoon!).

 Mascara should be applied close to the roots of your lashes so it hits the skin and will look extra defined and full. Applying on a blush can make you healthy-looking throughout the night.

 Sweat-proof makeup lasts longer by applying a cheek stain first and blend well with your fingers and then, apply your favorite powder blush right after. Use a specially designed lip base product for your foundation applied to the lip area.

 Use a lip pencil to line and color in your lips. This provides two bases and a lasting color underneath your lipstick when it starts to wear off.

 There are different lipsticks on the market that promises long-lasting protection. Look for a shade that best suits you.  Apply one layer, and bite down a layer of tissue then apply the second layer.

 Take the product with you for bathroom touch-ups. You can fake slimmer legs by applying a self-tanner and putting it into your inner and outer thighs and calves. 

Keep them eyeing for your gams by mixing your bronzer cream and your lotion and applying it into the shin of your legs.

Sweat-proof makeup can truly work wonders on a woman’s face. It has the power to enhance her look and emphasize her beauty. Some women might even feel a surge of confidence every time they put their make on.

 However, the biggest enemy of makeup is moisture. Working out, playing a sport or partying all night with friends can ruin your makeup but armed with the right knowledge and the right products, all you have to do it to sit back and enjoy.

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