Teaching manners to kids

                   Teaching manners to kids

Indians are known for their various cultures and customs, every religion and region has its own way of performing its tradition.

This tradition we try to imbibe in our kids too from the beginning itself. However, many times we tend to neglect the basic manners which a kid has to have irrespective of region or religion.

Teaching manners to your kids
Teaching manners to kids

At times we do come across parents who feel embarrassed when their child’s behavior is not good at social gatherings or public places. At times parents also argue or blame each other for such behaviors.

To avoid any such embarrassment it is always suggested to train your children on basic mannerism and when a child inculcates those manners in his or her day to day life then parents need not worry about their kids’ behavior.

A very important thing while teaching the child about the mannerism, every parent needs to follow the same because a child always learns things from their parents or elders, who usually spend more time with them.



  • Greetings: A child needs to be taught manners to greet anyone and everyone he or she meets during the day. Every religion and region has its own way of greeting, so we need to inculcate the habit of the kid. Also when they talk on the phone they need to be taught the etiquettes of responding to the calls.
  • Politeness while speaking with others: Being loud or harsh from the tone of voice is not considered to be good. Kids out of excitement or when they want to put forth their views tend to speak in a loud voice and usually, such kids are considered rude and if parents do not teach them at an early age later it can be dangerous and will be difficult to correct it. We as a parent need to teach our kids to be polite and be clam whenever they are talking with others.
  • Listen to what others have to say: We need to teach our kids to be good listeners always and then keep their view in front of others, this will not only help them in personal development but in the future too it would be helpful in their profession.
Teaching manners to your kids
Teaching manners to kids

  • Using the Magical words: Try infusing the magical words like “please”, “thank you” and “sorry” in your kids’ habit
  • Whenever you kids ask for something try monitoring them and make sure they are using the term “please” and once they get the thing they must say “Thank You”
  • When they make any mistake or may hurt someone they need to use the word “sorry” to accept the mistake and try not repeating the same.
  • Generous: More than teaching the generosity to your kids it’s rather parents need to be generous all the time because your child will learn only those things which you teach as well as preach them.
  • Unless and until parents do not follow what they tell their kids to do, kids will never follow it too. 
  • We need to show them not to be different from people just because of the other person’s looks or stature or background. 
  • We need to equal and respectful towards others.
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