Weight Loss Foods:20 Best Fat Burning Diet To Have

Weight loss foods are used to lose weight, it is important to know what to eat and what should not be eaten instead of eating less.

 Often we think that by going to the gym, our healthfitnesstypes weight loss foods began to fall, which is wrong.

Your diet plan should include nutrients for weight loss foods. There should be some healthy accounts at least once in a while for more food. Know how to lose weight, plan your diet.
healthfitnesstypes weight loss foods

            Weight loss foods to control overeating:


1. Do not stop eating

    If you want to lose weight, do not leave food. Make sure to eat three meals a day. The result of breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be that the next time you eat more, which is not right.

2. Breakfast is necessary to be taken

    Often, people do not destroy those who are wrong for losing weight. For the activities of the day, you need the energy of the body which is not possible without destruction. 

There should not always be one thing at breakfast, but it should be changed. Sometimes you can take weight loss foods oatmeal with milk and sometimes veg sandwiches can sometimes take poha or upma.

3. How should be your lunch 

     In the lunch, take a green vegetable, roti, fresh curd, or buttermilk, with rice pulses. Eating green chutney fulfills the lack of multivitamins in weight-loss food.

4. Take dinner soon

Dinner should be sweet and light. Dinner should be done by two or two and a half hours before sleeping at night. It provides ample time to digest food.

Avoid the consumption of lentils, raisins, and rice at night because they are not easily digested.

5.Seasonal fruit and vegetable intake

   The fruits and vegetables of each season are different. Therefore use seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. It is better to eat whole fruit instead of juice. Every vegetable gets different nutrients.

6.Adopt non-fat dairy products

   Avoid things to increase fat for weight loss. Toned milk does not have fat, if you wish, you can drink it regularly. After removing toned milk, you can use it to make the curd.

7. Avoid water shortage

    Take 3-4 liters of water and fluid throughout the day. Water not only reduces fat but also removes toxic elements from the body.

 It reduces hunger and prevents constipation. Apart from Pini, you can also use coconut water, fruit juice, soup, lemonade, or buttermilk as weight loss foods.

During weight loss foods, we need to create a calorie deficit, which means more calories should be burnt than the calories consumed. All the calories do not work the same way once they are eaten.

How many calories should you consume throughout the day?

1) Your Weight
2) Your Age
3) Your Activity Level
4) Your Gender (Male / Female)

To survive, we need energy, which gives us food and drink in the form of Calories. Even if we are sleeping all day, the body also needs energy so that our organ works properly. This is what we call BMR.
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

BMR is the number of calories that we need to run for basic body functions such as breathing, digestion, etc. 

Any person should take at least such calories every day. BMR is different for everyone. But on average it is Calorie 1600-1800 for men and 1300-1500 Calories per day for women.

Here I am sharing some charts with you which tell you how many calories you should take daily according to your sex, weight, and age group, of course, your actual calorie needs will vary according to your activity level.

 But from here you can get an accurate estimate:

Daily Calorie Requirement For Women

Age 18 to 35 Age 36 to 55 Age over 55
45 kg 1760 cal    1570 cal    1430 cal
50kg 1860  cal    1660 cal    1500 cal
55 kg 1950 cal    1760 cal    1550 cal
60 kg 2050 cal    1860 cal    1600 cal
65 kg 2150 cal    1960 cal    1630 cal
70 kg 2250 cal    2050 cal    1660 cal
75 kg –
(and above) 2400 2150 1720

Daily Calorie Requirement For Men

Age 18 to 35 Age 36 to 55 Age over 55
60kg 2480 cal      2300 cal   1900 cal
65kg 2620 cal      2400 cal   2000 cal
70kg 2760 cal      2480 cal   2100 cal
75kg 2900 cal      2560 cal   2200 cal
80kg 3050 cal      2670 cal   2300 cal
85kg 3200 cal      2760 ca    2400 cal
(and above) 3500 3000 2600

You should take exactly how many calories every day according to your age, weight, sex, and activity level

Now that you’ve got a fair estimate of your Calorie Requirements, then now you should know what foods we get from Calorie:

Calorie Count for Common Indian Food Items:

Maggi (100gm): 402 Cal (10 rupees Maggi is 80gm, i.e. 321 calorie)
1 Samosa: 156 Cal.
1 roti – 60 cal.
Rice -260 cal per 75gm
Jam -290 per 100 gm
Spinach Cheese – 240 per 310gm
Cold-drink – 41 cal per 100 ml

If you have understood your Calorie needs properly and ate according to that, you can definitely keep your weight in control.

 Just keep in mind that taking only calories needs to burn and burn your extra calories by staying active.

8) Nuts / Cashew nuts

Nuts contain high-calorie intake, but if we eat it in a controlled way, it can be helpful in weight loss foods.

Nuts contain monounsaturated fats, which are considered very good for giving heart and mind. They seem to be full of food and they also reduce their intake of sweet food.

You can keep them together easily and by eating from time to time, you can calm your appetite. Eat a piece of cashew nuts or almonds at a time, and chew them very well.

 You can reduce food only by eating a few minutes before eating nuts. Just keep in mind that during the day you should not eat more than 7-8 nuts.

9) Chilli Pepper / Red Chilli

Red chilies can be beneficial in a weight loss foods diet.

Some studies have found that an element called capsaicin is found in it which is useful in reducing hunger appetite and burning fat.

Keep in mind that if you have already been using them in your food, then using them separately will not make any difference.

10) Fruit 

The old saying is, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

It is acknowledged that those who eat fruits are healthy with those who do not consume them. Flowers have a high quantity of fiber and they contain natural sugar, and also beneficial in controlling appetite Are.

 Fruit consumption of watermelon, guava, apple, orange, banana, pears, etc. is helpful in weight loss foods.

11) Leafy greens / leafy greens, cabbage, spinach, broccoli

In leafy vegetables, there are some qualities that make them good for a weight-loss food diet.

Carbohydrates and calories are very rare but they are rich in fiber. You can eat these vegetables without many calorie consumptions, because of which you will not feel the need to eat more and it will be easier to reduce obesity.

Leafy vegetables contain all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Some studies have found that calcium fat in them is very helpful in burning fat.

12.  Avocados and lean protein reach weight loss foods:

While crazy can be confined as part of a well eat, moderation is still existent since they are energy-gross food. Weight reobtain is often a concern for individuals after they have lost power. In a capacious study in Europe, researchers found that nation who used up (prenominal) the looniest gained less heaviness during a 5-year duration than people who did not eat crazy. Avocados are a fruit that provides fiber and advantageous fats, as well as many other nutrients. Lean proteins, including beans, chicken, ovum, fish, and Meleagris are good alternatives to lofty-fat meats.

13. Water-rich weight-loss food: 

Research from Pennsylvania State University has found that eating water-rich food, such as tomatoes, gourd, cucumber, etc. consumes your overall calorie consumption. Therefore, use them as much as possible.

14. Use lower-fat milk:

 Use skim milk to make tea, coffee, or just milk, which contains high calcium and low calories.

90% Eat the food at home: Eat too much at home, and if you can also take homemade food outside, take it. Most food is mostly high-fat and high-calorie. Avoid it.

15. Eat slowly:

 By slowly eating, your brain will already signal to fill up and you will eat less.

16. Eat only when really hungry:

 Just eat the next time when you do not really have hunger. If you are looking to eat a specific thing then this hunger is not just a matter of changing the taste, when you really feel hungry, whatever weight-loss food you eat, you will like food.

 17. Eat fruits instead of drinking juice:

 Eat fruits instead of drinking juice, you will get the same benefits, and fruits will reduce your appetite, even if you will eat less.

18. Run more: 

The more you run, the more your calories burn more. Using the stairs instead of the elevator, walking around can prove helpful to you.

 In the house, you also try to rotate your roof once or twice a whole day. Smaller efforts will give big results.

19. Do some heavy work one day in the week:

Every week, do some heavy work or activity. As you can think of washing your bike or car, you can plan to go somewhere with children or clean the house to help your spouse.

20. Most of the calories consume before noon: 

Weight loss foods studies have shown that the more you eat at the time of the day, you will eat less at night. And the chances of burning the calories that you have consumed in the day, there are more.

21. Dance:

Whenever you get the time, dance to the best music. By doing this you will also be entertained and even the well-known calories will burn. What is the matter if you can bring it into the routine?

22. Use lemon and honey:

Eat lemon and honey with light lukewarm water every morning. By doing this, you will lose weight. This is a great source of weight loss foods to your diet. 

By doing so, you will be able to reduce your weight by up to 10 kg. I hope this will work for you too. In this article of weight loss foods, many more Ayurvedic and home remedies have been given to reduce obesity.

23. Coconut Oil / Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), lauric acid, which is metabolized in a very different way. The human body does not store digested MCT as fat but directs it directly to the liver where MCTs are converted into energy.

In your daily diet, you can use 2 to 3 spoons of coconut oil. If you look at it, your energy level will be better throughout the day.

 Coconut oil also increases your digestion capacity and absorbs nutrients too quickly so you do not feel weak during the day by eating less.

Along with this list, you have to be careful that dietary discipline is very important to lose weight. 

So if you are being told that you can lose weight by eating these weight loss foods, then it is being assumed that you will eat these things at the right time, and secondly, when you eat them, on other food items you will also have full control.

Friends, many people will tell many things to lose weight, but it is more important than all these things that your willpower to lose weight, your willpower.

 Therefore, make your willpower stronger and do not stop your efforts from being done for good health for any reason. When you are constantly engaged in your efforts, the weight will be less sure, no matter how much.

     Friends I hope you like the weight loss foods article please comment and share it with your friends to know more click here.

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