Yoga day in India

 Yoga is such a system through which the balance between body, mind, and soul can be established. It is a natural way of keeping us physically and mentally healthy. By making yoga a part of our daily routine, we feel healthy. Not only diseases are diagnosed through yoga, but new energy can be transmitted within itself. This is a very safe, easy, and effective way to get the body in the right shape.

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Yoga is primarily a method based on posture, the art of breathing, and practice. Meditation and samadhi to are their parts, but at present only the asanas, exercises, and the inverse-inverse remain united. It is completely based on discipline. With the help of this, the mind can be controlled and mental stress can be reduced. 
Yoga day in India
To make the whole world aware of the benefits of Yoga and its benefits, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has suggested holding the UN General Assembly as International Yoga on June 21. By understanding the importance of all the yoga and taking advantage of it. 

Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition created in India. Even today in India, the Yogi meditates by staying healthy with the continuous practice of this art. Seeing the benefits of yoga in everyday life, the United Nations General Assembly declared International Yoga Day on 21st June.
Types of yoga: 




Yoga has many types like Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. But when most people talk about yoga in India or abroad, they usually have hata yoga, which includes some exercises like Tadasana, Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Kapalbhati, and Anulom-Vilom. Yoga is an important system of supplement or alternative medicine.

Yoga day & Benefits: 

Yoga can be avoided by raising every morning and avoiding diseases. Students should definitely make yoga as this enhances memory and concentration. Yoga day practice keeps the mind pure and does not come out. 

Regular practice of yoga helps in keeping away from many diseases at the physical and mental level. Yoga or Asana We can make our body flexibleThis is the reason that gymnast participants in the Olympics also take the training of yoga.

It is helpful in keeping old age away. People who practice yoga daily do not have high or low blood pressure problems. It also works on the mindset of the mind, which brings good ideas and personality is developed in the right way.

There are countless benefits of yoga, we can only say that Yoga day in India is a boon given to human civilization by God. It is not really a miracle that people are not convinced of the diseases in present medical practice, today people are conquering them through yoga. It gives physical and mental benefits but also gives us enlightenment. It also produces respect for nature within us. 

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